Pryde1989, 19940320, Banff, Alberta, Canada


Greetings and welcome to my blog!!I am Pryde, a 30 years old young man with a Masters degree in Petroleum Engineering operations from University of Alberta Canada.I am light-skin in Complexion, speak six international languages.I am in search of a lady from Canada, Kenya or Rwanda with following qualities:God fearing CharacterNeatnessHumilityEducatedAverage heightPoliteLight skin in complexion Reach out to me using the following WhatsApp number:+237675955708.



Looking for a man who will love me and understand me and I will love him and understand him too age is not a problem want a relationship with man I love playing games and listening to story I completed SHS I have black hair and not all that long am not slen and am not also fat am ready for a relationship ❤️ now I wish to be with a man who truly love me am very friendly and let playing songs like I said age is not a problem I want someone who will love me and understand me make me feel like am in…

BzzButterfly, 19700806, Barrie, Ontario, Canada

Looking for Canada men !

Looking for someone in Canada who will make my heart beat faster and smile more often! Only CANADA !! My name is Kimberley I am looking for a man who shares my values and interests, who is willing to support and inspire me, and be my best friend and partner in life. If you are honest, caring and open to new adventures, I would love to meet you! At 53 years young, I exude a magnetic energy that keeps me feeling vibrant and alluring. While I proudly embrace my single status, I must admit I'm…

FestusSmarte, 19970423, Monrovia, Montserrado, Liberia

About the Age?

“Love doesn't know the age difference; it only knows the connection of two souls.” “Age is just a number; it's compatibility and understanding that truly matter in a relationship.” “Love doesn't care how old you are. It cares about how you make each other feel and the happiness you bring into each other's lives.”. “Don't let the judgment of others hinder your happiness; love knows no age limits.” Love, respect, and honesty are the most important things in a relationship.

Queenette, 19881116, Kumasi, Ashanti, Ghana

Life without love

In a life without love, there are several things that are often absent:1. Emotional Fulfillment: Love brings a sense of emotional connection, support, and fulfillment. Without love, one may feel a lack of emotional depth and intimacy in their relationships.2. Happiness and Joy: Love has the power to bring immense happiness and joy to our lives. Without love, life may feel dull, empty, and devoid of the simple pleasures that come from sharing love and laughter with others.3. Compassion and Empath…

Yungdan, 19941020, Tema, Greater Accra, Ghana

Navigating the World of Online Dating: Unveiling the Top 5 Dating Sites"

In the digital age, online dating has become an integral part of the modern quest for love and companionship. With a plethora of platforms available, it can be challenging to choose the right one. Here, we explore the top 5 dating sites, each offering unique features catering to diverse preferences and relationship goals. eHarmony: The Matchmaker's Algorithm eHarmony is renowned for its sophisticated matchmaking algorithm, designed to connect individuals based on compatibility. Users comple…

Morrizon, 19850825, Arizona City, Arizona, United States


Are you from the US, and living in the state ? Then, let's have a date and established a friendship. I'm up for a serious relationship . You must be able to take good care of me and love, support me to make you my man. I'm a loving and caring , respectful and beautiful woman, kind hearted and supportive to my man, I also need a man who is financially independent. I wish to make and raise, build a family with him, love him, support him and we will love each other always. It's…

Morrizon, 19850825, Arizona City, Arizona, United States

✌️ peace

Peace of mind, wealth, care and love is all I ever seek and pray why working hard to achieve Gods purpose in my life...! I'm a blessed woman with a clear divine purpose " God driven Spirit, enthusiast, hard working, prayerful, caring and full of love. In as much as I'm willing to love' I request a man that is caring , very loving, kind and, supportive. I'm a project manager, and also working as internal revenue service USA, I love my job and up for my service anytime nec…

Morrizon, 19850825, Arizona City, Arizona, United States

What's love.

What's love if we can't live to care for one another. Wish y'all a blessed week ahead. I particularly will want to meet that very special someone who will love and care for me' as I'm willing to reciprocate the same here. i admire men who knows what he want and be intentionally true about his decision. i'm at that stage in my life were I no longer need drama and Conny. I admire men who are truthful, trustwardy , kind, caring, loving and God fearing. Well' a say…

Travis022, 19990315, Chinsali, Northern, Zambia


I need a women sure l want to give her nothing but my heart l want to love her like my life. The women will be my everything l ever need l want a true love and relationship from her l want nothing from her but love cause am tired of heart breaks please women l need someone to love me.l want to start a business with the woman who will love me badly .but am a Zambian actor and story writer with a very big mindset but not yet started acting but l have wrote many stories including real life stories…

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